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Spotlight on Community – Hawty McBloggy Invites You to Play

Hawty McBloggy Invites You to Play is without question, one of the most entertaining, creative and relevant gaming blogs on the internet today. The blog’s author, and self proclaimed “gamer geek” bs angel, has quickly risen to Superstar status within the gaming community thanks to both her fantastic writing style and her outstanding dedication to delivering the best gaming-related web finds to her ever expanding audience of readers.

Just how relevant is Hawty McBloggy? When bs angel took up the cause for gamer Nathaniel and his ruined Xbox 360, gaming communities across the net took notice, pleading for Microsoft to make things right for the poor guy. Her rallying cry, coupled with a massive outpouring of community support, resulted in both Bungie and Microsoft sending Nathaniel a pair of incredible gift packs to try and make up for what he had lost.

If Hawty McBloggy Invites You to Play isn’t part of your daily surf routine, it should be. I’ve had her link here on the blog for quite a while and I strongly suggest you add one to your collection as well.


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Spotlight on Community –

For the first entry in the “Spotlight on Community” series, I present to you

While the website drew initial attention from its unique and humorous “Give your Xbox its own blog” features, has grown into one of the most comprehensive statistic-tracking websites in existence.

Members get their own personal page which includes their Xbox 360’s blog entries, a list of their most played games, world leaderboard standings, earned badges and more. Links within these lists lead you to even more refined statistics, giving you a finely detailed picture of your gaming prowess.

Ever wonder what happened to the Old Spice Experience Challenges that first appeared on has got ‘em. Members can join a challenge or start their own with winners receiving prizes from Microsoft Points cards to Best Buy gift cards and more.

What I find to be just as impressive as everything listed above is the fact that the three administrators of all have full-time day jobs while managing the website in their spare time. That, my friends, is community dedication!

I highly recommend you check out their site. Membership is free and the resources they provide are outstanding!

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Spotlight on Community

There’s no question that the biggest factor separating Xbox 360 from the other 2 major consoles is the community that surrounds it. From Microsoft and the forums to the remarkable fansites that exist, the Xbox community offers up countless ways for fans to share their thoughts and, in essence, their passion for gaming.

Beginning this week, I will be highlighting some of the best community-oriented sites that I’ve come across in my travels. My hope is to introduce you to some outstanding websites which you may not have known about, while also acknowledging the great people who have dedicated so much of their time to help bring the gaming community together.

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