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Major League Baseball 2K8 producer interview links

I was planning on participating in a conference call with 2K Sports’ Ben Brinkman, producer of this year’s Major League Baseball 2K8, but unforseen circumstances prevented me from dialing in and subsequently writing up the interview.

However, fellow MVP WitchKing9 over at has posted the entire audio from the conference call along with his own written coverage so I encourage you to head over to his site and check it out!

*UPDATE: 2K Sports announced today (2/28) that the game has officially gone gold and will hit retail shelves as scheduled on March 4th.*


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Omega Five coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade next week

Hudson Entertainment announced earlier today that their long awaited Omega Five will finally see the light of day next Wednesday, Jan 9th on Xbox LIVE Arcade. I was offered a great opportunity to interview the developers at Natsume (the developers of Omega Five) which I invite you to check out over at Totally360.

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College Hoops 2K8 developer interview

I recently had a chance to sit in on a conference call with some of the development team at 2K Sports for an interview about their new College Hoops 2K8. What’s amazing is the amount of time and effort these guys put in each year in order to produce the game. With the overall amount of teams, players and arenas that are involved in collegiate sports, you can’t help but be impressed at the job their development team does to put it all together.

If you’re interested in checking out the article, head over to Totally360 and check it out.

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