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Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack coming April 15th

Microsoft and Bungie have announced that a brand new set of multiplayer maps for Halo 3 will be hitting Marketplace on April 15.

The Legendary Map Pack (800 Microsoft Points) will contain a total of 3 new maps: Ghost Town, Avalanche and an as-of-yet unnamed slaughter ground. Here are a few details:

Avalanche is a tribute to Sidewinder, a Halo: Combat Evolved fan-favorite. This massive, vehicle-oriented objective map adds a twist to its classic predecessor with all new interiors, dramatically reshaped exteriors and brand new vehicle variants. Take a ride and admire the visual variety from the cockpit of the retuned Hornet.

Ghost Town is a battle-scarred maze of narrow passages and dangerous ruins outside the once-prosperous city of Voi. Collapsed ceilings and shell-battered buildings provide both valuable cover and deadly traps, as catwalks and stairways take the fight from claustrophobic ground combat to dizzying rooftop battles. Ghost Town is a mid-sized map ideal for Team Slayer games and smaller, objective types.

In regards to the third map, Bungie has only said “fans of smaller Slayer maps” should start getting excited! Check out and for more details.



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  1. Hay yal i can tell you all now i work at bungie and i know what the new vehicles are the first is the transport hornet on avalanche the second level the second is the devil dog the devil dog is smiler to the troop warthog but it is the shape of a wraith and has to stationary gun turrets on each end of the vehicle and has one driver seat and one co driver seat the co driver controls the devil dog guns. the next vehicle is the anti air wraith im sure you all have seen what it does and the very last vehicle is the safari the safari was in halo 2 when the arbiter meets the haritic leader that ship the haritic leader was going to get away in thats the safari the has dual fuel rod canons + a plasma nuke as we here at bungie like to call it the plasma nuke drops strait down from were you fire and causes a mas nuclear plasma explosion killing any one within 500 yards and thats all the new vehicles in this map pack and if bungie askes where you herd it from say bill gates sun not me thanks XI DOMINATOR XI OUT YAL.

    Comment by XI DOMINATOR XI | March 23, 2008 | Reply

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