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This week’s Arcade titles revealed

Microsoft has just released the information on this week’s Arcade Wednesday offerings with Omega Five making its long awaited debut as well as a remake of the ‘80s classic Tron.

Tron (400 Microsoft Points) takes players on a trip back to the classic arcade days of the ‘80s as they assume the role of Tron in a battle against the evil Master Control Program and his bloodthirsty associate Sark. The game features “a four-part retro-futuristic test of skills, including racing light cycles, battling Sark’s tanks, fighting to enter the MCP cone and dodging grid bugs” in both its original arcade form as well as a new, enhanced version with improved sound, graphics and two person co-op and versus modes.
For more information on Tron, visit

Omega Five (800 Microsoft Points) is an all new original title from Hudson Entertainment and Natsume. Featuring the highest quality HD graphics yet for Arcade, this 3D side-scrolling shooter offers intense action with enemies coming at you from every angle (including the background), multiple difficulty levels (including the one-shot-and-your-dead ++Mode) and local co-op play.

For more information on Omega Five, head over to


January 7, 2008 - Posted by | Games, Xbox LIVE

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