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Xbox LIVE issues

Some of you may be experiencing some difficulty logging into (and staying connected to) Xbox LIVE. While there hasn’t yet been an official response from Xbox on the issue – or at least none that I’ve seen – I’m hopeful that we’ll hear something from them soon. In the meantime, I want to pass along a workaround that seems to help when LIVE hangs up and all you see on the Dashboard is the spinning 360 icon. This hang seems to occur when first signing into LIVE or switching between games.

If you get hung, press “X” (sign-out) once and confirm that you wish to sign out. The console will then tell you that you’ve signed out, although your gamertag info should still appear. After a short bit, your console should sign you back into LIVE automatically and all is well again.

I can’t promise that this will work for everyone, but I’ve had success with this method so far. If you’ve discovered a workaround of your own, or just want to vent your frustration with LIVE, feel free to drop a comment.

*UPDATE: I just got word from the Xbox team that they are well aware of the problem and are working ’round the clock to fix it.*


December 29, 2007 - Posted by | Community, Console, Xbox LIVE

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