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First details of Fall Dashboard Update revealed

Microsoft has revealed the first details of the Fall Dashboard Update with their announcement that, beginning on December 4th (the scheduled release date for the Update) LIVE members will have the ability to browse Friends Lists of other members right from the Dashboard.

By expanding this network of Friends, gamers will be able to send Friend Requests, messages, game invites and compare games with their friend’s friends. Xbox LIVE is such a friendly place!

One thing to note, when the Dashboard Update launches, Friends List sharing will be active by default. Anyone wishing to keep their Friends List private will need to change their settings by performing the following steps:

Log in to and select one of the three sharing options available for your Gamertag:

Everyone (only available to members 18 and older)

Friends only (available to members 13 and older)

Blocked (available to all members, and automatic for anyone under the age of 13)

I’ll be sure to pass along more information on the Fall Update as soon as it becomes available.


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