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New Halo 3 maps coming in December

On December 11th, Bungie Studios will release the first content expansion for Halo 3 with the debut of the Heroic Map Pack.

For 800 Microsoft Points, the new map pack will contain the following three multiplayer maps:

Standoff: A symmetrical valley with entrenched bases and fields of boulders. Ideal for mid-sized objective and Slayer game types.

Rat’s Nest: An “indoor vehicle paradise” with large labyrinth-like passages. Ideal for large team battles.

Foundry: A huge, open industrial warehouse built with Forge in mind. Players can add stairways, walls, bridges and tunnels as they fine-tune this map to their specifications.

In line with Bungie’s history of map releases, the Heroic Map Pack will eventually become a free download in Spring 2008 as they get primed to release their next set of maps.


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