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This week’s Arcade titles revealed

Two new games will be gracing Arcade this Wednesday with the release of Word Puzzle and Switchball.

First, from InterServ comes Word Puzzle (800 Microsoft Points), a unique twist to the classic word-search puzzle. Featuring 3D boards, exploding word bombs, five unique game modes, LIVE support for up to four players and Xbox LIVE Vision Camera support, Word Puzzle offers true brain training, Xbox 360 style. For more info on Word Puzzle, visit

Also appearing on Wednesday is Switchball (800 Microsoft Points), the highly anticipated offering from Sierra Online. In Switchball, gamers are tasked with the challenge of manipulating a ball, whose physical properties are constantly changing, through labyrinth-style mazes. Learn to master the Airball, Powerball, Metaball and more across five different 3D environments in single player, 2-player co-op and 8 player competition over Xbox LIVE. For more information on Switchball, please visit


November 5, 2007 - Posted by | Games, Xbox LIVE

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