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Ninja Gaiden 2 coming exclusively to Xbox 360

During the Xbox 360 Briefing 2007 in Japan, Microsoft and Tomonobu Itagaki from Team NINJA/Tecmo Ltd. confirmed that Ninja Gaiden 2, the follow-up to one of the best games ever to appear on the original Xbox, will be developed exclusively for the Xbox 360 console.

Hironobu Sakaguchi from Mistwalker also took the stage to discuss pricing ($59.99 (U.S.) / €59.99 / £29.99 / ¥6,980) and availability (Dec. 6, 2007, in Japan, and around the world in early 2008) for their upcoming RPG Lost Odyssey.

In addition to these two mega-titles, representatives from SQUARE ENIX confirmed two new games for Xbox 360: Infinite Undiscovery and The Last Remnant

Gamers can also expect to see some very promising Arcade titles from a number of Japanese developers including:

  • Every Extend Extra Extreme (Q Entertainment). The latest creation from Q Entertainment, Every Extend Extra Extreme, or E4, is a unique action-packed shooter where the goal is to perfectly time your self-destruction to create chain reactions that explode surrounding enemies. With outrageous visuals and the ability to play your own favorite music, E4 puts a new twist on puzzle shooter games.
  • EXIT (Taito). An addictive, frenzied puzzle game, EXIT has players using their decision-making skills and wits to escape numerous obstacles, while rescuing people from more than 100 different emergencies. Players must save as many lives as possible while finding the fastest way out when EXIT arrives on Xbox LIVE Arcade by the end of the year.
  • Ikaruga (Treasure Co. Ltd.). Ikaruga is a quick-paced shooter with strong strategy elements featuring a slow-motion training mode and co-op play for two.2 Available soon for download from Xbox LIVE Arcade, Ikaruga is the perfect combination of beautiful, manga-style storytelling and refined, ultra-challenging arcade heroics.
  • OMEGA FIVE (Hudson Entertainment). OMEGA FIVE is a next-generation, high-definition shooter with awe-inspiring graphics. Players fly through dangerous 3-D environments in this side-scroller and try to avoid the enemies that come at them from all sides, even from behind.
  • Rez (Q Entertainment). Rez, the legendary action-shooter created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, is coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade. A fast-moving, wire-frame adventure backed by industrial beats, the story of Rez takes players deep into the world’s computer network, where they must hack the system, altering the visual output and even taking over the music, creating their own rhythms and eye candy as they dig deeper into the dreamlike cyberworld.
  • Triggerheart Exelica (Warashi). A shoot’em-up game where players battle against hordes of enemy ships, Triggerheart Exelica dynamically adjusts the difficulty to match a player’s skill level. Triggerheart Exelica launches on Xbox LIVE Arcade this year.

To help everyone stay on top of all the great stuff sure to come from this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Microsoft will once again be delivering hours of coverage from the press briefing, all the best highlights from the show floor, interviews with developers, gameplay videos, exclusive cinematic trailers and a variety of Xbox 360 content for gamers to download over Xbox LIVE Marketplace, via “TGS Bring It Home” beginning Sept. 13, 2007.


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