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Rockstar troubles

With Rockstar recently receiving an “AO” rating for their upcoming game Manhunt 2, some have started to speculate as to whether the ESRB is intentionally putting the company through the wringer because of the “Hot Coffee” incident in GTA: San Andreas. I’ve also read a few articles which have suggested that Rockstar intentionally submitted Manhunt 2 to the ESRB with content that they knew would get them the scarlet letter-like “AO” rating, strictly to draw media attention to the game.

On the first point, I really can’t contribute any educated comments on the politics within the ESRB (I’ve never spoken to a member of the board), however because of the power the board holds over the industry, it certainly does seem believable that they’ve decided to keep Rockstar on a very short leash.

I do feel slightly more confident in saying that I doubt Rockstar did this intentionally. I’ve had a few conversations in the past regarding the subject of controversial press with a rep from the company and was told that this sort of media coverage is not what they’re looking for. After “Hot Coffee”, the company ran into a great deal of friction over Bully, which was unfairly maligned by many before the game had even been released. Having fought off both of those battles, it wouldn’t really make sense to start all over again with Manhunt 2.

So the question is: Is Rockstar now being over-scrutinized by the ESRB and the media or are they simply just their own worst enemy?


July 23, 2007 - Posted by | Game Companies, Games

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