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This week’s Arcade titles revealed

Another double-header is coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade this Wednesday with Wing Commander Arena and Super Contra making their collective debuts.

First is the new entry in the Wing Commander franchise from Electronic Arts. In Wing Commander Arena, players make up the elite flying force charged with defeating the evil Kilrathi Empire armada. The game will feature four different modes of gameplay along with nine maps and a “first ever” for an Arcade title; 16 player multiplayer on Xbox LIVE.

The full list of features for Wing Commander Arena includes:

• The first Xbox LIVE Arcade title featuring multiplayer gameplay for up to 16 players over Xbox LIVE.
• Four gameplay modes: Single Player, Multiplayer Team, Free for All, and Duel
• Players can choose from 18 different ships that can be customized with cloaking devices, mines, energy weapons, missiles and more!
• Skill-based matchmaking for ranked games.
• Earn up to 12 Achievements and 200 Gamerscore.

Wing Commander Arena will be available for 800 Microsoft Points

Super Contra comes as a gift from Konami as they celebrate the 20 year anniversary of their original hit title Contra. This updated version of the 1988 upright features the classic heroes Bill Rizer and Lance Bean as they continue the battle against the evil Red Falcon forces. 

Included in the new version of Super Contra:

• Two gameplay modes: single player or two player co-op, either locally on the same Xbox 360 or over Xbox LIVE.
• Players can choose to play with either the original graphics or the enhanced graphics.
• Compete for the weekly and all time high scores on the Leaderboards.
• Earn up to 12 Achievements and 200 Gamerscore. 

Super Contra will be available for 400 Microsoft Points


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