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Microsoft Keynote Post Game Show

Now that everyone else has had a chance to disect Microsoft’s keynote address from last night, I thought now might be a good time to get my own personal thoughts out there.

First of all, I liked the way Microsoft focused on “the here and now”. Everything we saw last night will be available before the end of the year which gives gamers a much more realistic idea of what they have to look forward to.

Some of the better announcements from last night were Mass Effect coming in November, the official release date of September for the Messenger Kit (formerly known as the Text Input Device) and the long list of great looking LIVE Arcade titles. These definitive announcements are true “mark-your-calender” offerings. Sure, it would have been nice to see something about Alan Wake, Sabotaur, Fable 2 and others, but if they can’t shed any light as to when they will actually be available, what’s the point? Right now there are so many different websites and publications which regularly cover the world of “to-be-released-someday” games that there was really no pressing need for Microsoft to have included those titles in their keynote.

There were a few less than impressive facts revealed as well, most notibly the Halo 3-themed Xbox 360 console. I was a bit surprised at the total lack of reaction from the crowd (as was Peter Moore apparently) but I can certainly understand why. Does Microsoft really expect that gamers will go out and spend another $400 for a special-edition console? Now, offer up a great trade-in offer and we might be talking, but realisticly we’re looking at a console designed to draw in those that have been on the fence waiting for Halo 3 to be released

However, I belive one of the most siginificant events from last night was what wasn’t said: No price drop announcement. By not going down that road, Microsoft expressed strong confidence in the Xbox 360 in relation to its competition with the PS3. Couple that with the sales figures Moore rolled out showing how well Xbox 360 was doing in comparison with both PS3 and Wii and it became easier to see how that decision came about. I know that there are many people out there that were disappointed over the issue (personally I thought a more direct price competion with Wii would have been nice) I do respect their confidence.

While all of us could probably come up with an idea or two to improve the presentation, overall I’d have to say that Microsoft did a good job in the spotlight and took advantage of their having been the first to showcase their lineup.


July 11, 2007 - Posted by | Console, Games, Gaming websites, Xbox LIVE

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